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Teeth Whitening Aventura, FL

Teeth Whitening – ZOOM II

The most popular cosmetic dental procedure today is teeth whitening. It offers a dramatic and fast way to improve your smile and restore your confidence, just by transforming your teeth from a dull yellow to a brilliant shade of white.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening in our Aventura dental office is an effective process that gets rid of tooth stains and discolorations, and brightens natural tooth pigmentation. The effectiveness of teeth whitening is determined by the severity of the discoloration and type of stains.

Yellow or brown teeth stains that are due to things like coffee, tea, or smoking will usually lighten with teeth whitening. Gray teeth resulting from antibiotics or natural pigmentation will typically lighten two to three shades. Your teeth will likely become noticeably whiter after teeth whitening, especially when performed by a dental professional like Dr. Wohlstein. She can advise you about the most effective teeth whitening methods available in Aventura, FL and over-the-counter products for your smile.

Teeth Whitening using ZOOM II

Professional whitening in a dental office is the fastest and simplest method of teeth whitening. It is performed using bleaching gel and laser light, providing a good choice for patients with sensitive teeth as long as it is monitored by a qualified dentist like Dr. Wohlstein.

The ZOOM II Tooth Whitening process involves isolating the teeth from the lips and gums, and then applying a bleaching gel to the teeth. A laser light is utilized with the gel to enhance the whitening process. A proven safe and effective procedure in most cases, rarely a patient’s teeth may not see much change in color. After the procedure, Dr. Wohlstein’s patients are given a simple touch-up kit to retouch their teeth at home as stains begin to reappear.