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Popular Options for Teeth Whitening

Want to boost to your appearance without having to go to extremes? teethwhiteningTeeth whitening is one way to get rid of a dingy yellowed smile, giving you a fresh and more youthful look. Even if you practice regular oral hygiene, habits like consuming foods and drinks that tend to stain teeth or using tobacco will negatively impact your smile. Even the effects of simply aging can discolor your teeth. If you want to raise your self-esteem by brightening your smile, there are a few options to consider.

Step into any local drugstore and you’ll see a wide selection of products aimed at teeth whitening. Toothpastes, gels, strips and mouth rinses are some of the popular options. They contain low levels of peroxide to whiten teeth, making them slower-acting than some alternatives. You must use them consistently over an extended period for optimum results. This is the most affordable way to brighten your smile, but it requires some patience.

Supervised at-home whitening treatments are another way to go. A tray provided by your dentist to fit over your specific teeth is worn at home, often overnight, filled with a peroxide solution that is stronger than over-the-counter ingredients. Teeth sensitivity is sometimes an issue so dentists take steps to minimize discomfort. At-home whitening usually takes a couple of weeks to complete.

Professional whitening performed in your dentist’s chair is the most effective method, because it contains the strongest concentrations of peroxide. After the solution is placed on your teeth, it is typically activated with ultraviolet light, laser or heat. The entire process only takes about an hour, and dramatic results can be achieved depending on the level of stains or discoloration. Sometimes a few treatments are needed for desired results. Measures are taken to decrease teeth sensitivity during treatment, but patients with highly sensitive teeth may not be good candidates for professional whitening.
Dr. Wohlstein offers teeth whitening option at her Aventura dental office.