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Dental Composite / Bonding Aventura, FL

What is Dental Bonding?

Designed to restore the natural beauty of your smile, dental or tooth bonding offers a direct and quick solution to a variety of dental problems. Gaps, chips, discolorations, fractures or misshapen areas all may benefit from resin or composite bonding. Usually requiring only one office visit, Dr. Diana Wohlstein roughens the targeted area of the tooth, etches it with gel, and applies bonding primers and tooth-colored composite resin.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Wohlstein at our Aventura dental office to learn more about dental bonding. She may be able to use cosmetic dental treatments like bonding to give you renewed confidence and a brilliant new smile.

FAQs about Dental Bonding in Aventura, FL

How painful is dental bonding?
There is no pain involved with dental bonding and you likely won’t even require any anesthetic due to the very minimal amount of tooth enamel removal needed.

Is dental bonding an extreme procedure?
The most conservative cosmetic dentistry procedure available, bonding requires little, if any, tooth reduction.

How natural does composite bonding look?
When applied by a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist, composite bonding may very well be the most natural-looking dental restoration. Dr. Wohlstein and her capable staff have years of experience performing complex veneering and tooth sculpting, skills required for successful dental bonding.

Is composite bonding at risk for staining?
Without proper maintenance, composite bonding can stain or discolor with time. However, the material is stain resistant and very polishable, allowing extrinsic stains to be removed with routine dental cleaning and polishing.

Is special care required for bonding?
No special care requirements are necessary with dental bonding, although it is recommended to avoid biting hard objects like ice, hard candy, or fingernails.